“Rape. Voices”. Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the STER Foundation we would like to thank very much all those who contributed to the first theatre performance about rape in Poland “Rape. Voices”.

We were anxious to find a way which would enable us to reach out wider audience with the results of our research on sexual violence against women, and in particular on rape. From the people who watched the performance in the theatre we know that the goal was achieved. The performance shows in a strong and courageous way the experiences of women who survived sexual violence, and it evokes emotions and inspires the audience to look at reality from a new perspective.

It happened thanks to marvelous team who agreed to cooperate with us. It happened thanks to courageous women who absolutely breathtaking played their roles. We would like to thank very much the actresses: Alicja Aleksandrowicz, Agnieszka Bińczycka, Ana Forma, Jolanta Gawęda, Elżbieta Hołoweńko, Aleksandra Magryta, Rozalia Mierzicka, Danuta Nagórna, Zofia Nawrocka, Jolanta Olszewska, Natalia Skoczylas, Alina Synakiewicz, and Anna Zajdel.

We would like to thank Agnieszka Błońska who directed the theatre performance and gave it such a form, Sylwia Chutnik who wrote the play based on the research materials, Anna Grzelewska who coordinated the production process, Wanda Onyszkiewicz-Gnap who supported us every day during the rehearsals. We would like to thank Artur Sienicki for stage design and lighting.

We would like to thank the musicians Kamil Bielecki and Michał Wróblewski who supported us with their music. We used a piece of work “Tetanus” by DNO band and “A lass” by Pochwalone band. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

We would like to thank very much Powszechny Theatre for collaboration and support, especially the directors Paweł Łysak and Paweł Sztarbowski, and Małgorzata Czajkowska and Mateusz Węgrzyn for promoting the event. This performance showed that the Powszechny Theatre is a theatre “that gets in the way”, and this the reason why we decided to choose this space. We would like also to thank Agata Jagniątkowska and Andrzej Kobiecki who provided us with technical assistance (acoustics and lighting).

We would like to thank all the people who supported us through crowdfunding which made this theatre performance happen. We would like to thank especially Rafał Kupiński, Ewa Lieder, prof. Wiktor Osiatyński, Antoni Ożyński, Ewa Stąpór, and Aleksandra Zumkowska-Pawłowicz for their generous support.

The theatre performance “Rape. Voice” is a pinnacle of a certain stage of our activities. It had not happened if courageous women would not answer our invitation and would not agree to take part in our research and share their stories. We would like to thank Association for Women VICTORIA from Rzeszów and WAGA Association from Gdańsk for collaboration within the project.

We are very keen on organizing next performances. If we manage to raise funds we will play “Rape. Voices” again.

The report which presents the results of our research on sexual violence against women is available in Polish and English on our website.

The project “Breaking Taboo – the rights of victims of sexual violence”, a part of which was a theatre performance “Rape. Voices”, was implemented within the program Citizens for Democracy supported by EEA Grants.