STER Foundation joined Take Back Choice Alliance

STER Foundation joined Take Back Choice Alliance (Porozumienie Odzyskać Wybór), which aims to fight for regaining the right to abortion of which women in Poland were deprived 23 years ago.

One of the first action of this new initiative was a street demonstration in defense of women’s rights and the right to choice which took place on 9 April, 2016 in front of the Polish Parliament.

We decided to protest in the streets as we did not want somebody else to make decisions regarding our bodies and our lives. We had been told for a long time that the existing anti-abortion regulations were “compromise”. We wanted to show the public authorities and politicians that we would not approve barbaric law which makes us hostages of our pregnancies.

Abortion was safe and legal in Poland before 1989. Women could have access to abortion services which were safe for their health and lives. They could make decisions regarding their bodies – they could decide whether they want to be mothers or not. They were deprived of this right in 1993 and a new restrictive anti-abortion law was called “compromise”. However, the phenomenon of clandestine and “abortion tourism” show that “abortion compromise” does not exist. Women perform abortion as they always did but it happens in the atmosphere of fear and intimidation and is dangerous for their health and life. Even if a woman has the right to legal abortion she has to face humiliation and is at someone’s mercy. Nowadays, even this existing restrictive anti-abortion law can be replaced with a total ban on abortion. It seems that politicians influenced by the catholic Church will decide on our behalf and will vote in favor of this new cruel and barbaric legislation which was proposed by fanatics who are ready to sacrifice women’s freedom and life in the name of ideology.

Take Back Choice Alliance is an informal group of activists from feminist organizations and other non-governmental organizations, groups and collectives advocating for liberalization of anti-abortion law. It does not associate with political parties and commercial entities.

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