STOP Rapes

STER Foundation signed an open letter “STOP Rapes!” which was signed by many Polish women’s organizations to protest against the way how rape victims are treated by law enforcement actors.

An open letter to law enforcement actors and other institutions providing support to rape victims was published in July 2015 to protest against the way how a woman who had been raped at the foreign business trip was treated by the police and the prosecutor. Instead of getting support Aleksandra was disrespected and her case was disregarded. Her credibility was questioned and police and prosecutor were trying to blame her for what had happened to her. It traumatized her again. The hospital in which she was working tried to hush up a scandal and to convince Aleksandra that she should not bring the case to the court.

In an open letter to Ms. Elżbieta Gelert, a director of the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg, to the Police and the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Elbląg women’s rights organizations demanded, among others, for:

  • The immediate introduction of procedures of protecting victims of sexual violence crimes for police and health care services which were developed by the Governmental Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment in collaboration with Feminoteka Foundation two years ago;
  • Conducting obligatory trainings for police and representatives of law enforcement institutions regarding counteracting gender stereotypes which are one of the causes of sexual violence against women;
  • Consulting the scope of the above mentioned trainings with experts on violence against women and inviting them to take part in these trainings.

The letter was submitted to the recipients during demonstration organized on 14 July 2015 in Elbląg by the Anti-violence Women’s Network ASK. The letter together with the lists of its signatories is available here.