Report on Sexual Violence

The following report is a short version of the report that was published in Polish in 2016. It presents data on sexual violence against women in Poland and the outcomes of evaluation of the efficiency of the new law on rape and rape prosecution that has been effective in Poland since January 27,2014.

We prepared this excerpt with the aim of reaching the English speaking audiences and providing data on sexual violence against women to a broader group of women both in Poland and abroad: scholars, journalists, activists and politicians. In the following publication you will find the summary of results of the quantitative and qualitative research with women on sexual violence — with particular emphasis on the experience of rape, and/or attempted rape — and on the implementation and effectiveness of the legal change regarding the prosecution of rape. The policy and institutional changes proposed by us in the recommendation section of the report concur with a number of international legal documents, for instance the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, which Poland ratified in 2015.

The publication is available in pdf format.